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Re: zope-* packages using almost same debconf templates

Quoting Jens Nachtigall (nachtigall@web.de):
> Hi,
> I'm a debian-l10n-german translator and noticed that most zope-* 
> packages use almost the same debconf template (only the package name in 
> them is different). There are plenty of them:
> http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po-debconf/pot#zope-archetypes
> Couldn't the translation of these be automated e.g. by using po 
> compendium file? (btw: are there such files for debian available for 
> download somewhere?) or if that's not possible by  a script.

I've already talked of this with Fabio Tranchitella who maintains
these packages. He indeed plans to use a common templates system but
had no time to switch to it and does not want to take the risk of
breaking the packages with a new system.

For sure, at this moment, this is a real PITA for translators. I've
already indicated to Fabio that he may at least merge the PO files and
use the gettext tools to merge the translations together.

This is more or less what I did for the French translations of all
these files:

-Pick up the fr.po from anoher zope-* package
-msgmerge -U fr.po templates.pot with the POT file for the new package
-use msgfilter to replace the changed words in the new file
-remove the fuzzy markers

Indeed Fabio could have probably used variable substitution in the
zope-* packages as, most of the time, only one word changes...

About a "compendium" : I still have in my TODO list a
"common-templates" package with just debconf templates and their
translations. All packages who need such templates would then have to
Depend (or Pre-Depend) on this package and register its templates.

Debconf had the mechanisms for that...this is just a matter of someone
doing the work.

This would get us rid of the zillion templates all asking for a
password and a "password confirmation" for instance....

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