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Re: belocs-locale-data...localedrake...locales generation

> > My belocs-locales-data package waiting in the NEW queue for a couple of months
> > already ships this eo_XX locale data file.  I am reluctant to add eo_* locales,
> > selecting locales is currently not very user-friendly and adding lots of
> > locales (since there is no reason to only ship _EN and _FR) won't help.

(was forwarded to -esperanto which I'm currently reading because of
the starting translation work for d-i. I suggest followups to go to -i18n)

Denis, have you considered the idea of trying to port Pablo
Saratxaga's localedrake which is in Madrake ?

I'm not completely sure this is published as Open Source (as first
guess I would have said "yes").....but if it is, it could be
interesting to have this in Debian.

As far as I have understood, localedrake allows for some "on the fly"
generation of a locale from another locales data. For instance, one
could generate de_FR from the de_DE and fr_FR locales.

This is just an idea thrown in the wild but there may be some
interesting things to grab here (including get in closer touch with
Pablo.....even if we work for different distributions, we all work for
free software....).

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