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Re: zope-* packages using almost same debconf templates


Christian Perrier:
> For sure, at this moment, this is a real PITA for translators. I've
> already indicated to Fabio that he may at least merge the PO files and
> use the gettext tools to merge the translations together.
> Indeed Fabio could have probably used variable substitution in the
> zope-* packages as, most of the time, only one word changes...

I know that including all those templates in all my zope packages isn't
the best solution, but my main goal was to include Plone 2 in sarge and
I hadn't enough time to think about a better solution for translators.

Now that the packages are available, I'm wondering about how to handle
zope packaging and templates. I think that the best solution would be a
zope-common package with default templates for zope packages.

> About a "compendium" : I still have in my TODO list a "common-templates" 
> package with just debconf templates and their translations. All packages 
> who need such templates would then have to Depend (or Pre-Depend) on this 
> package and register its templates.
> Debconf had the mechanisms for that...this is just a matter of someone
> doing the work.
> This would get us rid of the zillion templates all asking for a
> password and a "password confirmation" for instance....

This sounds really interesting, can you please tell me more about it? 
If you agree, I'll be glad to help you with that.

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