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Re: (forw) Re: Packages not using po-debconf - more active actions to come

On 02/16/05 03:19, Christian Perrier wrote:
Larry (Wall), we need to find a way to record such information in your
"transition to po-debconf" status page so that no-one thinks about
working on the transition for a given package when the maintainer
gives good reasons for it not using po-debconf.

I've updates the scripts to support this. Now the script will accept an IGNORE command to tag these packages. The mail sent to tag the package is also kept and can be viewed from a link in the status.

I've also added a new status (NODEBCONF) for packages that don't appear to have debconf support. I've seen a couple of bug reports indicating a debconf abuse and asking to drop the templates leaving the package with nothing to ask/show. I guess we will be NMUing these issues too.

So... I'm now considering three states as completed. The NODEBCONF, the DONE (packages that transitioned to po-debconf) and IGNORE. These are marked in green indicating no further action is required. I guess I'll add some kind of expire scheme to get them off the list after a while (not for IGNORE).

Has anybody else volunteered to help with the NMUing?


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