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Re: Translation updates/Maintenance help

On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 09:26 +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:

> > > I'm am under the impression that you all care about l10n as much as
> > > possible but may lack the needed resources for being able to handle
> > > the flow of translation updates you receive (please correct me if I'm
> > > wrong...false impressions come very quickly).
> > > 
> > Actually I've simply not been processing them.
> I've seen that in the past, you handled these quite well...but maybe
> such help could allow you to focus on more important tasks..
Indeed, my reason for not processing them was simply the upcoming sarge
release (eventually) and I prefer to leave packages in a "known good"
state just in case there are urgent bug fixes that need to go in ... and
then do the pretty after the release.

> > I'm pretty much working on dpkg in arch now, it's a far more capable
> > system than CVS for multi-person working.  It'd be best for me if you
> > tagged off my arch repository and did the l10n updates there.
> That probably may be done. It just requires me to learn how to use
> arch, install the required tools on my both systems (home server
> (woody) and laptop (unstable)) and practice a bit.
> What are the "checkout/commit" usual commands with arch?
Some good resources:


(that last one is an IRC conversation between Colin Walters and a
newbie, it's a *great* arch intro)

Once you're up and running, you can grab the dpkg sources with:

	tla register-archive http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/arch/personal/
	tla get scott@netsplit.com--2004/dpkg--devo--1.10 dpkg

I'll be glad to give you any help you need getting arch running (the
learning climb is a little steep, but the view from the top is well
worth it) and getting going on your own dpkg branch.

> > > At the minimum, if such co-maintenance is not OK for you, please at
> > > least consider some temporary help in order to get a translation
> > > upload of your packages before the distribution release. There is
> > > still maybe time enough for that.
> > > 
> > I have already specifically ruled out making such a release, on the
> > basis that a rushed translation job would be worse than no translation
> > job.
> Well, as usual, the maintainer's decision is the final decision, no
> problem...though I don't lose hope for convincing you that a
> translation upload will be safe...:-)
Well, if you're willing to go over the translation updates, "own" them,
nag people to get the existing ones up to date and add missing languages
-- I can be convinced quite easily :o)

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