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Debian Installer string freeze begins

The string freeze for Debian Installer translations in preparation of
the next release of the installer (currently named "TC2") has

We currently have 7 complete languages: cs, da, fr, he, pl, tr, uk

The translation statistics pages may be a bit late after your
updates, because of the new "master file" system (my system
synchronises the individual files from the master files every 3 hours
and statistics are made from individual files).

I'l try to post at least two status reports per day.

I will also ring bells at late translators in order to avoir last
minute rushes.

So, please, D-I translators, make your best for filling the gap as
soon as possible.

There have ben last minute string changes today, so while we had 27
complete languages yesterday evening, we have to climb the slope

Package maintainers, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE STRINGS ANYMORE if possible.


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