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Re: Translation updates/Maintenance help

> > As you probably have noticed, both packages you maintain are listed in
> > Debian Installer "level 4" translation list
> > (http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/translation-status.html)
> > 
> I didn't think d-i used dpkg, but used udpkg?

Well, this is a bit cheating but don't tell
translators..:-). Moreover, I think there are situations where it may
be used during the second stage step, where udpkg is not used anymore.

Anyway, given the importance of dpkg in a Debian system, we have
considered that having it translated as widely as possible is an
important part of the Debian localization.

So, technically speaking, it pertains to what we defined as "5th
level" (all base  packages), but as for apt, we raised the priority of
these translations by artificially putting these packages in what we
call 4th level.

> > I'm am under the impression that you all care about l10n as much as
> > possible but may lack the needed resources for being able to handle
> > the flow of translation updates you receive (please correct me if I'm
> > wrong...false impressions come very quickly).
> > 
> Actually I've simply not been processing them.

I've seen that in the past, you handled these quite well...but maybe
such help could allow you to focus on more important tasks..

> I'm pretty much working on dpkg in arch now, it's a far more capable
> system than CVS for multi-person working.  It'd be best for me if you
> tagged off my arch repository and did the l10n updates there.

That probably may be done. It just requires me to learn how to use
arch, install the required tools on my both systems (home server
(woody) and laptop (unstable)) and practice a bit.

What are the "checkout/commit" usual commands with arch?

> > At the minimum, if such co-maintenance is not OK for you, please at
> > least consider some temporary help in order to get a translation
> > upload of your packages before the distribution release. There is
> > still maybe time enough for that.
> > 
> I have already specifically ruled out making such a release, on the
> basis that a rushed translation job would be worse than no translation
> job.

Well, as usual, the maintainer's decision is the final decision, no
problem...though I don't lose hope for convincing you that a
translation upload will be safe...:-)

Thanks for your very quick answer....

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