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Re: File Formats and Names in Bug Reports

Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo writes:
> There is no standard for patches in BTS.

I thought it might be to the advantage all of us to have some degree of
standardization specifically for translations, which are a special kind of
bug report.  This would make it easier for me to process them, and should
also make things easier for translators.

> What about just asking them for correct version?  That would be more
> polite, and you can always use moreinfo tag.


> Seems that you don't care anything.  You just want to standarize that.

I care about making things easier for all of us.  I think standardization
does so.  It appears that you disagree.

> Supply them with tools? What kind of tools?

Perhaps a special version of reportbug, perhaps.

> Some of them uses Emacs, some Vim, some KBabel, some <put whatever
> po-tool>.

What does their choice of editor have to do with it?
John Hasler 
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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