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Re: Request for review, and eventually translations

This one time, at band camp, Christian Perrier said:
> > Template: clamav-freshclam/extra_groups
> > Type: string
> > _Description: Groups for clamav-daemon (space-seperated):
> >  Please enter any extra groups for clamd.
> >  .
> >  Clamd runs as a non-priviledged user by default.  If you need clamd to
> >  be able to access files owned by another user (e.g., in combination with
> >  an MTA), then you will need to add clamd to the group for that piece of 
> >  software.  Please list the extra groups here.
> Just remove the last "Please list...". It sounds useless to me

Sorry about the delay in following up - I got sidetracked by real life
for a bit there.

This part has been done.

> > Template: clamav-freshclam/local_mirror
> > Type: select
> > _Choices: local, ar, au, ca, cn, cr, cz, de, dk, fr, hu, id, ie, jp,
> nl, pl, pt, se, sg, tr, ua, uk, us
> First of all, use "__Choices". See "man po-debconf" for details about
> this trick.

I had a thought - these are hostnames, and there are now rather a lot
(one for each ISO code).  Do they actually need to be translated, since
they are hostnames?  This would also get rid of translating
_DefaultChoice, below.

> > Default: local
> Using "_DefaultChoice:" would be great here. Again see "man
> po-debconf" for details.

To recap, since it's been a while, upstream has a large mirror network.
They are trying to load balance requests, so they have set up a lot of
aliases for the existing mirror network.  For now, 'database.clamav.net'
will work, and the DNS server attempts to point you to a mirror that is
at least on your continent by looking at the requester's IP.  

Since this is error prone, they have set up ISO code based mirror names
(db.uk.clamav.net, etc).  Upstream has asked all the binary distributors
to try to get users to start asking users to change to the new system,
so that load balancing works a little better.  So, I think, the question
should be:

Template: clamav-freshclam/local_mirror
Type: select
Choices: (really long list)
Default: db.local.clamav.net
_Description: Local database mirror site:
 Please select the closest local mirror site.
 Freshclam updates it's database from a world wide network of mirror
 sites.  Please select the mirror closest to you.  If you leave it at
 the default setting, an attempt will be made to provide you with a
 nearby mirror, but this attempt may not always provide you with the
 closest mirror site.

Does that seem reasonable?

(ps: I am not subscribed - please cc me on replies.  M-F-T set

Thanks all,
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