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Re: Problems with locales and Norwegian

Preben Randhol wrote:

> Looking at this page: 
>       http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po/no
> There is even more stupidity as it has:
>    [nb] [nn] [no] [no_NO] [no_NY]

The last one looks mostly like a mistyping of "nn_NO" to me.  
There is apparently only one file and a few translations 
under that name.

> But there must be a better way to get all the package to
> use the correct locales.

I hope so.

> What I'm looking for is:
>    1. Who is responisble for the naming of the different
>       locales?

Nobody in the Debian project as far as I know.  ISO has a
working group for those things, but it doesn't appear that
Debian follows that strictly.

Responsibility for i18n/l10n seems to be spread out on the
individual package maintainers, who seem to be free to
choose their own way to handle things.

I don't like this state of affairs, but it appears that most
people do.

>    2. Who to contact about getting the Debian policy
>       changed (if needed) to use only nb_NO and nn_NO

No idea.

> I don't have time to track down all the packages in the
> pool of 8710 packages in Debian.

Aren't the relevant packages listed on:



> PS: Why isn't it possible to specify more than *one*
> translation btw? I mean if a program doesn't have
> Norwegian translation, but it has Danish one should be
> able to specify so that it will use this prior to revert
> to C.

This setting:

   export LANGUAGE=nb_NO:nb:nn_NO:nn:da_DK:da

should help you with some programs.

> However, no_NO IMHO should be depreciated and removed.


Det hedder lap, ikke padsj!

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