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Re: Always use UTF-8 when running base-config?


At Mon, 15 Sep 2003 00:15:59 +0900,
Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:

> >How much would we need to include to get jfbterm working in the first
> >stage?  I noticed that it supports UTF-8 by using iconv.  If I'm not
> >mistaken, iconv uses large tables to convert charsets.  I hope we
> >don't need to include these on the floppy.
> Jfbterm doesn't need iconv() for UTF-8.  Jfbterm's encodings support
> is based on X11's fonts, i.e., it supports encodings which has their
> own X fonts.  For example, when *-iso8859-1 fonts available, jfbterm
> can support ISO-8859-1 without iconv table.  Other encodings are
> supported via iconv.

Yes, jfbterm is originally designed to handle ISO-2022 escape sequences,
so it can support encodings that is compatible ISO-2022. Recently, I hacked
to support UTF-8 using iso10646 font such as unifont and other private
encodings such as KOI-8 or SHIFT_JIS by using iconv(3).

> In the first stage, UTF-8 is the only encoding which is used.  In this
> case, Unicode font is the only needed thing both for jfbterm and 
> bogl-bterm.
> IMO, the work we will have to do is to construct a "reduced" font
> for jfbterm for the first stage.  I imagine such a font will be based
> on unifont.

> How about the second stage?  In the second stage, which packages can
> we expect to be available?  For example, how about xfonts-base, 
> locales, unifont, and so on?
> If various encodings are to be used in the second stage, jfbterm will
> need either iconv tables or various fonts.  bogl-bterm will need 
> various locale database.  

If the encodings are compatible with ISO-2022, for example EUC-JP or
ISO-8859-* series, jfbterm doesn't require iconv(3) databases. It only
requires fonts for the character sets.

> >> BTW, how about using jfbterm instead of bogl-bterm for the first
> >> stage?  Jfbterm is much faster than bogl-bterm.  It supports UTF-8
> >> (without combining character support -- is it needed?).
> >
> >Make a jfbterm-udeb, so we can test it. :)
> How do you think, Ukai-san?

I don't know enough about packaging udeb, is theare any documentations?

Fumitoshi UKAI

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