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Re: Always use UTF-8 when running base-config?


(I added debian-i18n because I don't subscribt debian-boot.)

> Instead, I suggest we always use UTF-8 while running base-config, this
> way making sure base-config work for all the languages we need to
> display, instead of only the ones that recieved most of the testing.

I imagine you are thinking about using bogl-bterm also for the
second stage.  Note that the UTF-8 support of Linux kernel itself
is very limited and cannot used for "universal" installer.

However, the Linux console's UTF-8 support can be used for a
certain range of locales.  I don't know the exact range, but
I imagine it should include Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek characters.
It cannot used for Asian languages.

Bogl-bterm can display not only UTF-8 but also various encodings
including ISO-8859-*, KOI8-*, EUC-*, and so on, when proper locale
is installed.  However, it is very slow.  I don't know people can
tolerate for it.  Jfbterm also supports various encodings and very
fast.  I think jfbterm can be a candidate not for the second stage
but also for the first stage.

The disadvantage of UTF-8 is that the second-stage softwares are
not tested very well for UTF-8.  Especially, there are not very
many developers who can test them with east Asian doublewidth
characters.  I don't know it is a good idea to switch to UTF-8
when we are going to freeze for the next release.

BTW, how about using jfbterm instead of bogl-bterm for the first
stage?  Jfbterm is much faster than bogl-bterm.  It supports UTF-8
(without combining character support -- is it needed?).

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>

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