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Re: Always use UTF-8 when running base-config?


Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
(2003/09/14 23:34)

>My idea is to use the same terminal wrapper for all languages, to make
>sure it is well tested, and to make sure we only need to include one
>terminal wrapper for all languages, instead of several for different

It is basically a good idea.  However, when I said "we need test",
I meant that softwares which run on the terminal in UTF-8 locales
should be tested.

>Is it equally slow when not using VMWare?  I've never tested it on
>real HW.

When I used bogl-bterm with i386 machine (faster than 1GHz), I
felt it was very slow.  If the installation process meets scrolling
of the screen, I think bogl-bterm is too slow.  I don't know about
VMWare nor other architectures.

>How much would we need to include to get jfbterm working in the first
>stage?  I noticed that it supports UTF-8 by using iconv.  If I'm not
>mistaken, iconv uses large tables to convert charsets.  I hope we
>don't need to include these on the floppy.

Jfbterm doesn't need iconv() for UTF-8.  Jfbterm's encodings support
is based on X11's fonts, i.e., it supports encodings which has their
own X fonts.  For example, when *-iso8859-1 fonts available, jfbterm
can support ISO-8859-1 without iconv table.  Other encodings are
supported via iconv.

Bogl-bterm is based on different policy.  It uses Unicode fonts only.
All other encodings are supported via system's locale database to
convert from/to Unicode.

In the first stage, UTF-8 is the only encoding which is used.  In this
case, Unicode font is the only needed thing both for jfbterm and 

IMO, the work we will have to do is to construct a "reduced" font
for jfbterm for the first stage.  I imagine such a font will be based
on unifont.

How about the second stage?  In the second stage, which packages can
we expect to be available?  For example, how about xfonts-base, 
unifont, and so on?

If various encodings are to be used in the second stage, jfbterm will
need either iconv tables or various fonts.  bogl-bterm will need 
locale database.  I think both will need comparable amount of data.
Even if we will decide to use UTF-8 for the second stage, we will need
non-reduced version of the Unicode font.

>> BTW, how about using jfbterm instead of bogl-bterm for the first
>> stage?  Jfbterm is much faster than bogl-bterm.  It supports UTF-8
>> (without combining character support -- is it needed?).
>Make a jfbterm-udeb, so we can test it. :)

How do you think, Ukai-san?

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>

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