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Use of pseudo-tags to mark translation issues

Hello, Adam Heath is conducting an experiment to sort out the bunch of bugs
reported against the dpkg package. As explained in 
, it is now recommended to mark the bugs concerning translations and bugs of
translations by [INTL] in their title while reporting against dpkg. You can
also specify the language in it. For example, a new french translation would
be marked [INTL:fr]. The advantage of it is that the web pages allow to sort
things up, and you can ask to see french issues by loading the page:


You can get the internationalisation issues on the page


And you can get all issues somehow related to i18n and l10n on the page


(of course, the bad effect of this is that Real Hackers can take care of:

I think that there is a good idea, and propose that we all begin to use this
formalism for i18n and l10n bugs, so that it becomes easier for everybody to
handle such issues. I speak here of extending this good idea to all packages
in Debian.

I would even say that if you know any such bug, you should mail the
control@bugs to retitle them to follow that new formalism. But that's only
my personal opinion...

What do you guys think?
Thanks, Mt.

The unavoidable price of reliability is simplicity.

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