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Re: Always use UTF-8 when running base-config?

Tomohiro KUBOTA <debian@tmail.plala.or.jp>:

> When I used bogl-bterm with i386 machine (faster than 1GHz), I
> felt it was very slow.  If the installation process meets scrolling
> of the screen, I think bogl-bterm is too slow.  I don't know about
> VMWare nor other architectures.

I did the first version of bogl-bterm but haven't touched it for a
long time. In December 2002 Alan Cox sent me a patch for speeding up
scrolling. I assume the patch also went into a Red Hat version of
bterm. Is this patch included in Debian's bterm? If it isn't, then I
probably owe you all an apology for not bringing it to your attention

Look for alan@redhat.com in bogl-vga16.c and bogl-term.c.


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