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Re: How does the ddtp plan to handle po files?

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 09:06:16AM +0100, Martin Quinson wrote:
> Hello Grisu,


first of all: please CC: to grisu@debian.org

I get this list, but normal I am some tausend mails (or some weeks)
behind with reading this all...

> I have an awful doubt: how do you plan to handle po files and templates in
> the ddts ?

short question: 
  - po files -- I don't know yet
  - debconf templates -- this is already includes and working (for german)
> I have somehow the feeling that you want to do exactly the same than for
> package description: spliting everything in separate paragraph (ie, msgid
> for po files) and handle this separatly.

not for po files. the msgid are to short and without any context. 
(and btw: The server don't split any package description in separate
paragraphs and send this paragraphs to the translators. The
Translator/Reviewer get every time one unit. This unit must be
understandably for the user and so also for the Translator/Reviewer.)

>  - it makes impossible to translate the same expression (say "unable to")
>    the same way in the same document (ie, po file), since the several
>    translations are done by several people.
>    This problem already arise in the ddtp when translating the description
>    of familly of packages. I think about lg-issue-XX and kde-l10n-XX. In
>    both case, the same expression comes again ("Answer guy" in the first and
>    "i18n" in the second), but since every member of the familly is translated
>    by yet another people, keeping things consistent is very hard and lead to
>    an extra work for the translators and reviewers.

Yes, I see this problem in the same way. Because of this I add some
things in the past. For package description this work, I hope also for
debconf translation. 

About other parts I don't make really deeper thought. 

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