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How does the ddtp plan to handle po files?

Hello Grisu,

I have an awful doubt: how do you plan to handle po files and templates in
the ddts ?

I have somehow the feeling that you want to do exactly the same than for
package description: spliting everything in separate paragraph (ie, msgid
for po files) and handle this separatly.

If yes, I beseech you to think twice before doing it. It will be a disaster,
and the whole debian translation effort will suffer from this failure. My
arguments against this approach are the following:

 - it definitively forbids to translate a given sentence according to its
   context, since you don't see the context anymore.
 - it makes impossible to translate the same expression (say "unable to")
   the same way in the same document (ie, po file), since the several
   translations are done by several people.
   This problem already arise in the ddtp when translating the description
   of familly of packages. I think about lg-issue-XX and kde-l10n-XX. In
   both case, the same expression comes again ("Answer guy" in the first and
   "i18n" in the second), but since every member of the familly is translated
   by yet another people, keeping things consistent is very hard and lead to
   an extra work for the translators and reviewers.

 - The ratio "administrative work (ie, mail handling)" / "translation"
 - I fail to see any gain of this approach.
A much better solution would be to give a complete unit of work (ie a whole
template or a whole po file) to the people requesting work, and don't try to
split it up. 

I agree that it is *much* more work to translate the whole po file of dpkg
than only a few lines, but I'm afraid it's the only solution if we want to
ensure the quality of the translation.

Translating isn't always fun ;)

Thanks for thinking again about the design of the ddtp before including
templates or po files.

Bye, Mt.

Si les grands esprits se rencontrent, les petits esprits, eux, se cognent.

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