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Re: b-f one-liner needs translating

man, 2002-03-04 kl. 15:33 skrev Jordi Mallach:
> Oh well. I really dislike being the butcher...

Do we really need this chopping languages away?

The problem is that we can't include all languages on a single b-f set
for the most widespread architecture (1.44 disks on i386).

Wouldn't it be a much better solution to split up the affected root
disks in two parallel official LC-enabled versions offering a different
set of languages (English should be common, I guess). That way we dont
have to abandon any language due to simple space considerations. Maybe
we could split it into European and Others (yes, I know that several
European languages are spoken all around the world...)

No matter which language you may otherwise choose to chop away, still
e.g. Catalan and Danish are currently not included in the first place
even though they are actually by far the best updated languages

Claus Hindsgaul
Danish Translator

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