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Re: Thai XIM

Once in debian galaxy, I heard Tomohiro KUBOTA say

> I found a description that XFree86 contains Thai XIM. 
> http://linux.thai.net/~thep/th-xwindow/
> Thus, I tried it using my Debian Sid.
> $ LANG=th_TH XMODIFIERS=@im=BasicCheck xterm -fn
>     -nectec-fixed-medium-r-normal--18-180-72-72-c-90-tis620-0
> $ LANG=th_TH XMODIFIERS=@im=BasicCheck xterm -fn
>     -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--14-140-72-72-m-70-tis620.2529-1

That's the properway :)

> However, I have no idea how to input Thai characters.
> On the other hand, I can input Thai using Debian xiterm+thai package.

If you launch an application with LANG=th_TH providing that you have
th_TH locales support from the locales package, you could then use xkb
to input thai character. Since I use only Thai keybord, I have my xkb
set up in XF86Config. You can use "setxkbmap th" to set up the keyboard
too. Use recent XFree86 (since 4.1), of course. KDE also has a panel for
setting up keyboard map.

The default key map change between thai and english is alt-lshift for
english (first iso group), and alt-rshift for thai (last iso group).

> $ txiterm

> and type F1 and 'd' inputs the first Thai character (though
> I don't know the name of the character).

On Kedmanee key board, the charactor on "d" is "Kor Kai". Take a look at
the thai xkb map. It has all the name. "xev" will also tell you the name
too, "LANG=th_TH xev". The "F1" and "ctrl-space" hack for xiterm+thai is
there for X that does not have thai xkb support e.g. running remotely on
sun box.

> I'd like to know
> how to type keyboard to input Thai characters using Thai XIM.

As above.

> (txiterm is 'LANG=th_TH /usr/bin/xiterm -fn nectec18 -cursorColor yellow \
>   -cursorColorThai red'.)

yup, I default the wrapper to default XMODIFIERS which I think it is
@im=BasicCheck .


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