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Re: slang, boot-floppies, and wide character support

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 06:10:13PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org> writes:
> > I think tt may be easy to provide the forked package with utf-8 support
> > for testing.  Is this still OK ? 
> Absolutely.
> > maybe newt-uff8 and slang1-utf8 or newt-i18n and slang1-i18n.
> I think I like the *-utf8 names better.
> > They would have conflict with the normal version.  And if they are
> > OK, then the normal package can merge the utf-8 support safely, and
> > we won't need the separate pacakages then.
> Sounds good.

Who's going to work on newt-utf8? As I'm going to work on newt this week,
to build a -pic version, and fix a few serious bugs, I may as well
integrate the utf8 patch, and use a "#define" to build both the
"simple" and the -utf8 version from the same sources.
I'm assuming we are talking about the patch included in Bug#91963.

Enrique Zanardi					ezanardi@id-agora.com

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