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Re: slang, boot-floppies, and wide character support

Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org> writes:

> I think tt may be easy to provide the forked package with utf-8 support
> for testing.  Is this still OK ? 


> maybe newt-uff8 and slang1-utf8 or newt-i18n and slang1-i18n.

I think I like the *-utf8 names better.

> They would have conflict with the normal version.  And if they are
> OK, then the normal package can merge the utf-8 support safely, and
> we won't need the separate pacakages then.

Sounds good.

> I think bogl-bterm has been included in unstable/sid.

Ah, thanks, excellent.

> > > Well, so there may be softwares which can not handle the config files
> > > written in utf-8 encoding.  If we use utf-8 as main encoding in Debian,
> > > we need to work on them.
> > 
> > I'd rather not force that, esp. for users who just need the ASCII
> > set.  Can't we get it to write out the config files (such as
> > /etc/hosts, /etc/network/interfaces, etc) in ASCII?
> OK. I won't object it.

I wonder what changes need to be done to dbootstrap to fix this, then.

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