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Re: slang, boot-floppies, and wide character support

Taketoshi Sano <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp> writes:

> Can I create shrink_string subdirectory in utilities/dbootstrap/
> and put this utility as ja.c ?


> If there aren't any objections, I'll commit the required modification
> into woody version.

No objections at all.

> I see.  I think that forked version of boot-floppies for nec-pc98
> just uses the old newt/slang in bf-utf8 without additional change,
> so if only we can provide the same version in Debian main, there 
> may be no problem as for i18n boot-floppies and euc-jp version.

Edmundo had some revised patches, I assume you saw that.

> I had tried to create them before the potato release.  But it was
> already frozen time for potato, and I couldn't rely on me that
> I did it correct on devel packages (libnewt-dev and slang1-dev),
> I have not uploaded them.

Well, now's the time.  I would say, just do it.  If we get it in now,
we can lay some testing on it and correct problem prior to woody

> > > yosshy said that he wishes to see his patches merged
> > > into the Debian official boot-floppies, but he does not have enough
> > > time to do it by himself.
> > 
> > Well, I certainly don't have the time to do it for him.
> Sure.  Since I wish to have i18n (and Japanese supported) installer
> for Debian, I'll try to extract the required modification from his
> work and commit them into our official boot-floppies source tree.


> I don't know how well tested the bogl-bterm is. Just wonder.

Well, again, now is the time to get testing on it.  Is this going to
be packed separately as well?  Wouldn't it also be needed for Debian

> And I think the current packages including base-config has 
> messages for Japanese in euc-jp, not in utf-8, so we need
> some work if we use utf-8 to show the messages with bogl-bterm.

Will iconv convert them?

> > I recall there was a reported problem also with config files written
> > by dbootstrap in i18n mode being writting as utf-8 files and that
> > messing up the desired configuration....
> Well, so there may be softwares which can not handle the config files
> written in utf-8 encoding.  If we use utf-8 as main encoding in Debian,
> we need to work on them.

I'd rather not force that, esp. for users who just need the ASCII
set.  Can't we get it to write out the config files (such as
/etc/hosts, /etc/network/interfaces, etc) in ASCII?

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