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Re: keyboard... a huge BUG

On Wed, May 20, 1998 at 02:34:00PM +0000, Anne Baretta wrote:
> Exactly what is included in Xresources?
> To get things clear, I think the following is needed in Xresources:
> *VT100.Translations: #override \
>                 <Key>Delete:    string("\033[3~") \n\
>                 <Key>BackSpace: string(0x7F) \n\
>                 <Key>Home:      string("\033[1~") \n\
>                 <Key>End:       string("\033[4~")
> *ttyModes: erase ^? 

The current Xresources (from xbase has:
: ! Make the backspace key generate ^? instead of ^H, per Debian keyboard
: ! policy.
: *VT100*backarrowKey: false
: ! Make the delete key generate ^[[3~ instead of ^?, per Debian keyboard
: ! policy; this also makes the Home and End keys produce the same character
: ! sequences as they do in the virtual console.
: *VT100.Translations: #override <Key>Delete: string("\033[3~")\n\
:                                <Key>Home: string("\033[1~")\n\
:                                <Key>End: string("\033[4~")

Which I suspect does the same, but more cleanly.

> Ideally, I'd also like to see the following included to make [Delete]
> work in athena-based apps:
> *Text.translations:    #override \
>         ~Shift ~Meta <Key>Delete: delete-next-character()

: ! Fix Xaw (Athena widget set) programs to understand the delete key
: *Text.translations: #override ~Shift ~Meta <Key>Delete: delete-next-character() 

>  	How do I find out what's being done about Xresources

Ask the xbase maintainer; I don't know if he's on this list, so I've added a
Cc: xbase@packages.debian.org to this.

> and terminfo? I think these are the most important at this point.

The maintainer of ncurses (and thus of our terminfo database) has recently
started a new job and is currently unavailable for Debian work. Thus, the
only changes are in non-maintainer uploads in response to release-critical
bugs (Severity: important or higher).

The only recent change to ncurses that affects Debian keyboard policy was in
the 1.9.9g-8.1 ncurses packages I made:
:  * Added a new xterm terminfo entry: kbs changed from ^H to \177
:    and kdch1 from \177 to \E[3~ (per policy) (addresses part of #21914).

Are there other terminfo issues I should be aware of? If so, please report
them as "Severity: important" bugs against ncurses3.4 .

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