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Re: keyboard... a huge BUG


On 20 May, Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:
> It does need the bidnkey but it is now included in the systemwide
> file.

This is good news.

> The same goes for Xresources.

Exactly what is included in Xresources?

To get things clear, I think the following is needed in Xresources:

*VT100.Translations: #override \
                <Key>Delete:    string("\033[3~") \n\
                <Key>BackSpace: string(0x7F) \n\
                <Key>Home:      string("\033[1~") \n\
                <Key>End:       string("\033[4~")

*ttyModes: erase ^? 

Ideally, I'd also like to see the following included to make [Delete]
work in athena-based apps:

*Text.translations:    #override \
        ~Shift ~Meta <Key>Delete: delete-next-character()

 	How do I find out what's being done about Xresources and
terminfo? I think these are the most important at this point.

Regards, Anne

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