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Re: keyboard... a huge BUG

On 20 May, Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:
> I have now added the bindings for other keys to tcsh and will upload them with
> the next release. I am reluctant to add two mappings for home and end, one
> for xterm and another for rxvt. Isn't it possible to change the mapping for
> rxvt the way it was done for the xterms?

That would certainly be nicer. Rxvt can use xresources, but it has to be
set at compile time (and as far as I know, it usually isn't). It is also
possible to change the keymapping at compile time, but I am not sure
this includes home/end. 
	I can look at it one of these days, but if someone else could
try to find time that would be great.

Regards, Anne

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