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Re: keyboard... a little BUG

On 20 May, jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote:
> Which I suspect does the same, but more cleanly.


> Covered:
> : ! Fix Xaw (Athena widget set) programs to understand the delete key
> : *Text.translations: #override ~Shift ~Meta <Key>Delete: delete-next-character() 


>>  	How do I find out what's being done about Xresources
> Ask the xbase maintainer; I don't know if he's on this list, so I've added a
> Cc: xbase@packages.debian.org to this.

All needed modifications seem to be included.

[snip ncurses maintainer]
> The only recent change to ncurses that affects Debian keyboard policy was in
> the 1.9.9g-8.1 ncurses packages I made:
> :  * Added a new xterm terminfo entry: kbs changed from ^H to \177
> :    and kdch1 from \177 to \E[3~ (per policy) (addresses part of #21914).
> Are there other terminfo issues I should be aware of? If so, please report
> them as "Severity: important" bugs against ncurses3.4 .

I don't think so, not with regard to backspace/delete anyway.
	It seems everything is going to be allright after all! I guess
my concern was premature, and the hamm snapshot I have is already
outdated with regard to keyboard mapping. 
	The only problem I can currently think of is the problem of
telnetting to a host with a different keymapping. This will still result
in problems with the keys, unless the expect-trick* is used. Is there
any chance (something like) this can be included? While the problem is
caused by the other machine, it is some sort of a bug.

Regards, Anne

* Just to make sure, the telnet-trick:

three things needed:

1. fix: the expect script

# \177=DEL  \008=BS
eval spawn -noecho $argv

interact {
 \177        {send "\008"}
 "\033\[3~"  {send "\177"}

2. telnet: telnet-wrapper
 if grep -wq "$@" /etc/broken-backspace-hosts ; then
exec fix telnet.real "$@"
exec telnet.real "$@"

3. etc/broken-backspace-hosts: a file in which the hosts are listed.

With rlogin the same can be done, with the difference that rlogin for
some reason won't work when it's renamed, so the script will have to be
named differently, which is a shame.

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