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Re: fixing backspace and delete

On 22 Apr, Petr Kolar wrote:
>    I meant let the Ctrl-H key to generate code 8 (while the Backspace key
> generates code 127 (decimal), and the Delete key generates remove which is
> later mapped to "\e[3~").


> Yes, but as you write several lines further, mapping on the console and
> in X must be consistent.

Yes, I forgot that when you leave the keymap alone, you need to use
xmodmap. Paradoxically, if you remap the keys, the keys will be ok in
X. I believe this is the X consortiums work, they have had some
discussions about the keys as well:-)

>    As I wrote in my last message I don't know how to configure pine/pico.
> But with method 2 both Delete and Backspace works both in joe and in any
> other program, both on the console and in X. In pico works Backspace (on
> the console and in X), but not Delete. I think it is possible to configure
> it... Can anybody help, how to set it up?

Allright, we're really getting somewhere! I didn't know about this way
of telling pine about the keys. To fix pico, you may want to try 
'pico -d', it may just work. The problem with pico made me disregard
method 2 too early I guess. This may save us a lot of work. BTW, I
think the configuration stuff on the page can still be used, with only
minor changes at a few places (if we succeed a rewrite will be
inevitable though:-)

Regards, Anne

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