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Re: fixing backspace and delete

anne@ibbnet.nl wrote:
> On 22 Apr, Petr Kolar wrote:
> method 1: remapping
> >> >> system keymap, setting keycode 14 to backspace and keycode 111 to
> >> >> delete.
> >> > 
> method 2: leaving it as it is
> >> >    Is not better to map keycode 14 to delete and keycode 111 to remove (and
> >> > later to "\e[3~") and let Ctrl-H to be backspace? Does eg. 'info' work with 
> >> > your setting?

> > 'ncftp is much nicer than ftp' is no argument.
> I know, it wasn't meant as an argument, just a silly comment which I
> will regret ever after. Following your line of thought, what kind of
> argument is '...also it looks better...'?

   That is the same kind of argument :-) forgive me, please.

> >>     If you map keycode 14 to delete, I think the delete button will 
> >> generate ^H.
> > 
> >    NO! If you map keycode 14 to delete, the Backspace button (on a PC 
> > keyboard; keycode 14) will generate ^?.
> You're right, however, I am not sure what you mean by letting Ctrl-H
> backspace. 

   I meant let the Ctrl-H key to generate code 8 (while the Backspace key
generates code 127 (decimal), and the Delete key generates remove which is
later mapped to "\e[3~").

> > xmodmap -e 'keycode 22 = BackSpace'
> > 
> > is enough for X. And I am sure most application would not have any problems
> > with this mapping.
> X is not the problem, whether the keymap is changed or not. However, as

Yes, but as you write several lines further, mapping on the console and
in X must be consistent.

> mentioned before, while you can get every single application to work the
> way you propose, the problem is to get them all to work at the same
> time. Try getting joe, pico and pine to work, on the console, and in an
> xterm. I can't, since joe relies on xterm's Xresources which
> unfortunately break pico/pine. While delete in xterm can be configured
> without Xresources, this breaks joe. On the console everything can be
> easily made to work, no problem. Actually, if we can find a way to work
> around this problem it would be the easiest way to go. A possibility is
> to use a different joerc dependent on TERM, but joe doesn't seem to
> have an option for specifying an alternate joerc (even if it could it
> would be an extremely ugly workaround). Maybe the JOETERM variable can
> be used. Can anyone look at this?

   As I wrote in my last message I don't know how to configure pine/pico.
But with method 2 both Delete and Backspace works both in joe and in any
other program, both on the console and in X. In pico works Backspace (on
the console and in X), but not Delete. I think it is possible to configure
it... Can anybody help, how to set it up?

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