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Re: fixing backspace and delete

> X is not the problem, whether the keymap is changed or not. However, as
> mentioned before, while you can get every single application to work the
> way you propose, the problem is to get them all to work at the same
> time. Try getting joe, pico and pine to work, on the console, and in an
> xterm.

OK, my keyboard mapping is currently a total mess (has been for most of a
year for various reasons ;-), so I might as well try to get this sorted out.

Starting from the point that I'm going to (on the console) have [<---]
generate ASCII DEL, and [Delete] generate <ESC>[3~, please tell me what fails 
to work for you.

apps. on the console ?

apps. under X ?

apps. over serial/network connections, from console/X ?

apps. under emacs shells and the like ?

Cheers, Phil.

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