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fixing backspace and delete

Hi guys,

I have been in contact with Christian Schwartz, and I'd like to help get
ting the keys right in hamm.  
	The approach I use to get those #¤@% keys right is to remap the
system keymap, setting keycode 14 to backspace and keycode 111 to
delete. Not only is this in my opinion the way it should be (at least
it's in accordance with the rest of the Unix world) it also works (for
the programs I know of). From what I gather you think the same. The
following list is a list of programs which need some coniguration and
the way to do it: 	

athena-apps Xresources (these include xpaint, xbmbrowser, xman, xmh,
xedit, pixmap, bitmap, editres) 
bash		inputrc (readline) 
joe		joerc 
jove 	 	joverc 
kvt	 	inputrc 
less		lesskey-inputfile (may not be necessary) 
login		kernelpatch (or maybe /etc/login.defs?) 
mutt	 	muttrc 
nedit		Xresources 
netscape	XKeysymDB  
pico  	 	pico -d 
pine	 	pinerc 
(t)csh		cshrc 
xterm	 	Xresources 
X	 	xkeycaps/xmodmap, should not be necessary

I believe you already have a way to deal with emacs. There must be apps
that I am not aware of. I think elm and ksh will probably have problems
with the remapping. I guess we should compile a list of other apps with
problems (and work-arounds of course). I guess most X programs are ok,
since the keys do not have to be changed in X (not on my current system
anyway). I know of textbased apps in which both backspace and delete 
delete to the left of the cursor (backspace), but this is not much of a
problem IMHO (I am not even sure these apps are aware of the existence 
of delete). In short, what (text-based) programs (editors?) out there
have problems with the modified keymap? 
	The kernelpatch mentioned above changes the default keymap, 
swapping backspace and delete, and setting the default erasecharacter to
BS. Login uses the default erasecharacter, so without the patch
backspace will only put ^H  on the screen at the login prompt. An 
alternative may be /etc/login.defs, where an ERASECHAR (and/or
KILLCHAR) can be defined. It hasn't worked for me yet, but I'll 
try a bit harder (I guess the kernel guys will not readily accept the
patch at this stage, even if its so small and simple).  
	In a few days time I plan to install hamm and apply all the
modifications mentioned above. If any of you would do the same that 
would be great (all instructions are to be found at
 	Let me know what you think about all this,

Regards, Anne Baretta

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