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Re: fixing backspace and delete

On Mon, Apr 20, 1998 at 03:15:36PM +0000, anne@ibbnet.nl wrote:

> I have been in contact with Christian Schwartz, and I'd like to help get
> ting the keys right in hamm.  

Wow, that's great news!  :-)  Thanks guys and gals!  :-)

> the programs I know of). From what I gather you think the same. The
> following list is a list of programs which need some coniguration and
> the way to do it: 	
> athena-apps Xresources (these include xpaint, xbmbrowser, xman, xmh,
> xedit, pixmap, bitmap, editres) 
> bash		inputrc (readline) 
> joe		joerc 

Please include other /etc/joe/*rc files too, e.g. jmacsrc, jpicorc, etc.
Thanks!  :-)


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