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(deb-hurd) Desktop(s) to install [buildd] giveback hypre 2.16.0 on hurd m68k sh4 [Hauke Goos-Habermann] Hurd booth/talk/workshop on Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage? Bug#928918: hurd: taking over /etc/hurd/runsystem.sysv Bug#933015: libssh FTBFS on hurd: unconditional usage of PATH_MAX Debian GNU/Hurd 2019 released! gcc-8 and gcc-9 builds using pgo and lto optimization hurd_0.9.git20190331-7_all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20190331-7_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable lxqt-config: FTBFS on hurd-i386: udev not available mig_1.8-5_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable performous FTBFS, it needs code to find the own executable Processing of hurd_0.9.git20190331-7_all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20190331-7_source.changes Processing of mig_1.8-5_source.changes python3.8 ftbfs on the Hurd and KFreeBSD Re: rsyslog: cannot load on Hurd (undefined symbol) Same procedure as every year: GCC defaults change (GCC 9) Re: Things to cover in my bits from the DPL talk at Debconf The last update was on 17:20 GMT Mon Jul 29. There are 50 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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