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(deb-hurd) Desktop(s) to install

I'm trying debian-hurd-2019-i386 with semi-graphical install, I've
chosen to use the repositories mirror, and I'm just at Tasksel step:
[ ] Debian desktop environment
[ ] Gnome
[ ] Xfce
[ ] KDE Plasma
[ ] Cinnamon
[ ] MATE
[ ] LXDE
[ ] LXDE
[ ] LXQt
[ ] Web server
[ ] print server

- What about SSH server?
- These options are included because of its real availability for
GNU/Hurd? If not, whey they are listed, or why not highlighting usable ones?


I'm using this express-made address because personal addresses aren't
masked enough at this mail public archive. Public archive administrator
should fix this against automated addresses collectors.

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