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Re: virtio support

Ritesh Raj Sarraf, on Tue 09 Feb 2016 00:34:17 +0530, wrote:
> Trying to ssh into the Hurd VM hangs. When trying to SSH connect, in
> the Guest, the CPU tops to 70%+

I have never seen that.

> Then, there's another interesting bug with networking. The first
> attempt to restart the network fails. The follow-up attempt passes.

Neither have I.

> And finally, my app: apt-offline has some zipfile related exceptions
> that trigger only on the Hurd platform.

I have never used apt-offline.

> Which I think may be a memory issue, what you mentioned earlier.

No, memory issues are usually that the box slows down and eventually
panics. You can monitor memory usage along what you run.

> I think all these should be filed individually as bugs ? Or should I
> just keep reporting them on the mailing list ?

Well, more importantly, these issues should be investigated. I have
never seen these, and will probably not be able to reproduce them, and
least fix them. Without investigation on the systems where they happen,
there's little hope we get any kind of idea of what is happening.


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