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Re: Problems: Questions on mini-20110308.iso

Svante R Signell, le Tue 22 Mar 2011 17:10:23 +0000, a écrit :
> > >> and dhclient eth0 does not work either??
> >> Well, on first try it did not work, but after a reboot it seems to work. However, I cannot find any dhclient process running, neither any  pfinet process. How come?
> >How do you look for it?
> ps auxww|less

It should have been there, yes. Well, all I have the time to say is that
it's supposed to work, so somebody has to investigate the issue.

> >> (except the one at /hurd/pfinet -6 /servers/socket/26, what is it used for, ipv6?)
> >That's the converse, it's the ipv4 which also looks at
> >/servers/socket/26 for ipv6.
> This one I don't get. 
> /hurd/pfinet -6=IPv6
> /servers/socket: 1=local, 2= inet (IPv4), 26=IPv6?

#define AF_LOCAL 1
#define AF_INET 4
#define AF_INET6 26


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