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Re: Problems: Questions on mini-20110308.iso

Svante Signell, le Fri 18 Mar 2011 20:33:34 +0100, a écrit :
> I've started to write down the steps to install Debian GNU/Hurd as
> promised some time ago (up to and including X-windows) under Qemu, using
> the Debian installer in mini-20110308.iso,

Mmm, note that there is a page about this already on
It'd be good to avoid rewriting such documentation from scratch again
and again as has been done in the past.

> Install GRUB bootloader on MBR: Yes
> (when rebooting)
> /hurd/init: Crashing system; essential task auth died

I've seen that too. I don't know why it's happening that way. It
shouldn't actually be a problem.

> init: notifying ext2fs /dev of shutdown: notifying pfinet ... notifying
> ext2fs gunzip:device:rd0 of shutdown
> Reboot happens after a timeout, so it was not possible to catch all
> output.

Yep, it seems the gunzip-based ext2fs doesn't properly stop. It's known
and in the TODO list since this summer.

> Restarting from the hard disk no network was set up, maybe dhcp-client
> should be called again to get it working??

I've made a mistake in the hurd script, I need to regenerate the image
with a fixed version.

> However, now ssh-server failed to start. A
> second try without ssh-server chosen resulted the same problems:
> apt-get install random-egd openssh-server

The random-egd dependency is pending upload.

> Now openssh fails to start, giving debug output
> from ../sysdeps/posix/getaddrinfo.c:2297 assertion error from glibc (too
> much to copy manually from the mach terminal, sorry).

This is fixed in the hurd pending upload.

> Is the fixed pfinet included in mini-20110308.iso??

The mini iso has the latest hurd package, but only for the installer
itself, not for the installed system.

> Something is definitely wrong here, what?

Something dark with ipv6.

> Maybe these problems are the similar as for David Hiran Watson with
> Virtualbox.

Nope, he has troubles *during* the installer.

So in a word, please wait for the next hurd/gnumach upload.  I believe
I've fixed the ext2fs port deallocation issue, so will upload soon,
unless somebody finds issues with the gnumach package list I have talked
about some time ago.


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