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Re: /usr -> .

Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
What about a firmlink?  That would solve all problems.
Would it ? Yes.  You don't get the funky side-effects of symlinks.

Care to explain ? AFAIK you will get the same effect.

An example :

mmenal@windu:~$ mkdir foo; cd foo
mmenal@windu:~/foo$ mkdir coin; echo -e '#!/bin/sh\necho "We are the
knights who say Coin!"' > coin/bar; chmod +x coin/bar
mmenal@windu:~/foo$ settrans -ca plop /hurd/firmlink coin
mmenal@windu:~/foo$ export PATH=$PATH:~/foo/plop:~/foo/coin
mmenal@windu:~/foo$ IFS=":"; for dir in $PATH; do test -x $dir/bar &&
echo "bar found in $dir/bar" && break 2; done
bar found in /home/mmenal/foo/plop/bar

(the for is nearly the same as the one used by autoconf.)

So the problem remains : if you put /bin first in your PATH, you'll have
configure discover 'gzip' in /bin (which is the right thing) and 'pager'
in /bin (which is the wrong thing), and if you put /usr/bin first you'll
have the same problem the other way around.


Manuel Menal

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