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/usr -> . (was: [ debian-hurd-Bugs-301806 ] man-db package broken with a separate /usr)

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> Summary: man-db package broken with a separate /usr

> The hurd-i386 man-db package is broken when you have a separate 
> /usr directory, which is the default for Debian GNU/Hurd. Here is why :
> [...]

> The man-db package must have been built with a /usr 
> -> . symlink and a PATH where /usr/bin appeared before 
> /bin (which is the default for Debian). 

AFAIK this is not the first time for something like this to happen.

I strongly suggest to remove the '/usr -> .' symlink from the Debian
GNU/Hurd system.
Having this symlink (and having no /usr anymore, eventually) is suited
for the GNU system, but not for Debian.

Going further, I once also wanted to eliminate to separate /usr/X11R6/
hierarchy and thus made a '/X11R6 -> .' symlink before installing any
I wanted to eliminate the separate /bin and /sbin hierarchies and thus
moved /sbin/* into /bin/ and put up a '/sbin -> bin' symlink.

libfreetype6 broke because of having
# Remove leftovers from some old version of XFree86 package
rm -f /usr/X11R6/lib/libfreetype.so*
in it's postinst script, which deleted /lib/libfreetype.so* on my system.

I rebuilt a perl package and got '#!/sbin/perl' as the first line in the
perl scripts.  (I still had /sbin in $PATH and the configuration script
chose to use the last interpreter it found, which happened to be

So, IMHO, Debian is not prepared to use any other layout of the file
system, other than the standard Debian one.

And I doubt that anyone will volunteer to fix all the postinst,
configure, etc. scripts that are currently "broken".


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