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Re: libgtop2

Manuel Menal <mmenal@hurdfr.org> writes:

>> Can't you get it with ifconfig or netstat on GNU/Hurd?
> With ifconfig you can't (it only shows what you can get with
> the basic ioctls, that is MTU, address, netmask, broadcast,
> flags, ...). I didn't know of any port of netstat for GNU/Hurd.

I assumed it was part of inetutils, perhaps it does not exist.

>> pfinet knows about this kind of stuff, so I assume you can get the
>> info from there.  This should not be too hard.
> Sure, it just lacks the interfaces. I should take a look
> at how other OSes do that (other than GNU/Linux, I mean)
> and send a patch for pfinet.



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