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Re: libgtop2

   I've read its code (along with pptop, vmstat, and w, from which I
   took most of the code, or the ideas, anyway). GNU uptime does not
   show statistics about CPU usage, as far as I know. Or is it new? (I
   can't see it in coreutils CVS)

It shows CPU load; which I confused with CPU usage.  Do you want the
information that w on GNU/Linux calls for JCPU and PCPU for a single
process? Maybe w and GNU time could be looked at in that case.

   > For the uptime you will need to use something like
   > fetch_boot_time (see the Hurd source code for that function,
   > somewhere in w.c).

   Sure, I'm already familiar with it. It might be useful to add it in
   libshouldbeinlibc (and ultimately in libc ;-) since it's the second
   time I've had to use it in a port (ud was the first).

I think it is wrong to put it in either libshouldbeinlibc or libc;
libps is probobly a better place.  In either case, I too would like to
see it in a library since it will be used by uptime.

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