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Re: Booting Hurd with a serial console

On 2004-09-10, 15:36, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
>    This works, thanks! Theproblem I have is that when I login, I get a
>    "login: chown: /dev/com0: Operation not permitted" message. I also
>    got a "login: Timed out after 5 minutes.", (I were writing on the
>    console at the time).
> Sounds as if login isn't suid root; a known bug in the Hurd package.
> Just make it suid root and the message should go away.

>    By the way: I used Michael Bancks new installation method, and it
>    worked without any major problems when I figured out the harddisk
>    naming scheme.~
> You mean crosshurd? That is Jeff Bailey's work, not Michael's...  If
> you don't mean crosshurd, then I'm not familiar with this new method.
> Would you like to explain it to me?

It's the "xattr-hurd" or whatever it is called, it's described in


// Simon

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