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Re: Booting Hurd with a serial console

I don't recall the details, but I think GNU Mach 2.x is the only one
who supports remote debugging via a serial console.  GNU Mach 1.x and
2.x should work with getting a serial console on the serial port

I started working on a small document describing the process of
configuring both remote debugging and how to get a serial console for
GNU/Hurd, but haven't written much yet.  Infact I haven't even
bothered creating the file yet... :)

For a serial console the following should work:

settrans -cp /dev/com0 /hurd/term /dev/com0 device com0

Add the following to /etc/ttys:

com0	"/libexec/getty 9600"		vt100	on	secure

Send SIGHUP to runttys (or reboot), and then you should have a serial
console on the serial port of your GNU/Hurd box.  Connect to it using
whatever you normally use.

For remote debugging you will probobly need GNU Mach 2.x, in your GRUB
listing add the following:

serial --unit=0 --speed=9600
terminal serial

And add the following options to the kernel line:

-h CONS_COM=1 -d GDB_COM=2 BAUD=9600

Then you should be able to attach GDB to the serial port 1 doing the following:

set remotebaud 9600
target remote /dev/ttyS1

Then you can just debug GNU Mach 2.x using gdb.

Thats all, if something doesn't work, please tell so it can be fixed.
But the above instructions should work, I think...

Happy hacking!

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