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Re: Booting Hurd with a serial console

(Sorry, replied to Alfred instead of the list)

On 2004-09-10, 14:40, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> I don't recall the details, but I think GNU Mach 2.x is the only one
> who supports remote debugging via a serial console.  GNU Mach 1.x and
> 2.x should work with getting a serial console on the serial port
> though.

Is there a debian package for GNU Mach 2, or is there some other reason for
not running it?

> I started working on a small document describing the process of
> configuring both remote debugging and how to get a serial console for
> GNU/Hurd, but haven't written much yet.  Infact I haven't even
> bothered creating the file yet... :)
> For a serial console the following should work:
> settrans -cp /dev/com0 /hurd/term /dev/com0 device com0
> Add the following to /etc/ttys:
> com0	"/libexec/getty 9600"		vt100	on	secure

This works, thanks! Theproblem I have is that when I login, I get a "login:
chown: /dev/com0: Operation not permitted" message. I also got a "login: Timed
out after 5 minutes.", (I were writing on the console at the time).

By the way: I used Michael Bancks new installation method, and it worked
without any major problems when I figured out the harddisk naming scheme.

// Simon

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