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Re: newbie trying to get network to work

Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
   What is Alfred's patch and where can I find it?


You will need the autoconf patch by Marco to be able to compile it
though, I inlined it for you.  You will need to run the following
commands though:

| autoconf --force
| aclocal --force
| autoheader --force
| cd linux
| autoconf -I.. --force

Great, I got it to work!

After Marco told me how to build mig, I was able to build the new
kernel. (After fiddling with --enable-<something> for ./configure),
the new kernel actually booted and already correctly detected my
ethernet card, however setting up the translator would cause a hard

Alfred's patch applied nicely on top of Marco's, except for a
harmless conflict in a dnl (=comment?) line. Now the hard hang is
gone and I am able to ping my gateway.

Thanks guys, for helping me out.
I hope I can do something in return.

All the best,

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