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Re: eth0: Via Rhine

Joachim Nilsson <joachim.nilsson@vmlinux.org> writes:
> The OSKit-based-yet-to-be-released GNUmach 2.0 (aka oskit-mach) does
> support VIA Rhine, but I don't know current status of the CVS versions
> to give you any goodness value of how a built kernel behaves today.
> However, I do know that Ognyan has been a busy bee updating the Hurd
> Wiki (hurd.gnufans.org), so the sections on building the oskit-mach
> are probably up to date if you care to give it a try.

I hate to be negative but GNUmach 2.0 is not in great shape at least
for me.  I can't even boot it without a remote debugger.  Under debug
I get all these strange SIGTRAPs involving pmap routines (they seem
harmless but are sort of annoying since I have to set up gdb to ignor
them or I have to hit 'c' a bunch of times) .  Uptime has not been
great but I am hacking on it, maybe it would be better if it was not a
dev machine.

The worst part is that hardly anyone seems to run GNUmach 2.0 and
there's no one to even talk about these issues with.  I would like to
help debug 2.0 and see it get released at some point, but I need some
help.  I also worry about OSKit because there a some creepy comments
in that code that make you wonder how stable anything built on top of
it will be.  It looks like there is some major OSKit work to do, but
that project is all but dead (check out the mailing list - the few
questions that are asked are almost always ignored).

Unless others are interested in helping with 2.0 I will finish up my
entropy stuff and move on to hacking on L4.


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