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Re: eth0: Via Rhine

Hi Marco,

> > I have a VIA Rhine on board LAN chip, that doesn't work. I found,
> > that the driver for this chip may not work and that the OSkit may
> > help solving the problem.
> No, I think it should work. The hardware is supported on GNUMach 1.3.

The crosshurd package I used to install prevents the GNUMach 1.2 so I
think I have to install a newer version.
> > While booting the hurd, I get following message:
> > 
> > eth0: D-Link DE-600 pocket adapter: not at I/O 0x378
> > D-Link DE-620 pocket adapter not identified in the printer port
> > 0 3c515 cards found
> > 
> > I'm not sure, if it's the problem of the driver or of the BIOS
> > setting.
> GNUMach doesn't support shared IRQs, perhaps that is the problem. Can
> you have a look at this?
> > So, how can I get the network device work? 
> If it isn't shared IRQs build GNUMach 1.3 yourself (Or GNUMach 1.9,
> but personally I prefer 1.3 and it is easier to build).
> Use the configure options:
> --enable-ide --enable-floppy --enable-viarhine
> (Unless you don't want floppydrive support, in that case just don't
> include that option :))

Ok, I think, here's the problem. If I look into /proc/interrupts on my
Linux system, the eth0 device is sharing the interrupt with the nvidia
card. But it seems to be very tricky to set an own interrupt for the
network card in the bios. Na, so I have to play a little with the

Thanks for the help!


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