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Re: eth0: Via Rhine

On Sun, Jul 20, 2003 at 09:47:11PM +0200, Jochen wrote:
> > > I have a VIA Rhine on board LAN chip, that doesn't work. I found,
> > > that the driver for this chip may not work and that the OSkit may
> > > help solving the problem.
> > No, I think it should work. The hardware is supported on GNUMach 1.3.
> > GNUMach doesn't support shared IRQs, perhaps that is the problem. Can
> > you have a look at this?
> Ok, I think, here's the problem. If I look into /proc/interrupts on my
> Linux system, the eth0 device is sharing the interrupt with the nvidia
> card. But it seems to be very tricky to set an own interrupt for the
> network card in the bios.

If you have an interrupt clash and the GNUmach 1.3 binary (the .deb)
supports VIA Rhine then you could easily just move the NIC to another
PCI slot to get another IRQ assigned to it.

The OSKit-based-yet-to-be-released GNUmach 2.0 (aka oskit-mach) does
support VIA Rhine, but I don't know current status of the CVS versions
to give you any goodness value of how a built kernel behaves today.
However, I do know that Ognyan has been a busy bee updating the Hurd
Wiki (hurd.gnufans.org), so the sections on building the oskit-mach
are probably up to date if you care to give it a try.


Joachim Nilsson  :: <joachim AT vmlinux DOT org>
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