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Re: eth0: Via Rhine

Jochen <software@cornmania.de> writes:

> Hi there,
> I have a VIA Rhine on board LAN chip, that doesn't work. I found, that
> the driver for this chip may not work and that the OSkit may help
> solving the problem.

No, I think it should work. The hardware is supported on GNUMach 1.3.

> While booting the hurd, I get following message:
> eth0: D-Link DE-600 pocket adapter: not at I/O 0x378
> D-Link DE-620 pocket adapter not identified in the printer port
> 0 3c515 cards found
> I'm not sure, if it's the problem of the driver or of the BIOS
> setting.

GNUMach doesn't support shared IRQs, perhaps that is the problem. Can
you have a look at this?
> So, how can I get the network device work? 

If it isn't shared IRQs build GNUMach 1.3 yourself (Or GNUMach 1.9,
but personally I prefer 1.3 and it is easier to build).

Use the configure options:
--enable-ide --enable-floppy --enable-viarhine
(Unless you don't want floppydrive support, in that case just don't
include that option :))


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