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Re: eric raymond

thanks for your answers !

i'm agree with most of what you all have written.
just a precision : the initial mail i mentioned wasn't written by me.
(but it doesn't care)

i always try to see the best in every one, and i don't like to
judge anyone.

But ...

I really think that there's actually a major threat for the free
software, i'm talking about TCPA/Palladium.
The aim is to transform the world of information into a world of profit,
with an hard implementation that check if you have the "right" to open
each file, and so re-introduce the "rare" notion into this world.

And, sadly, except micro$oft, eric, so as linus, is agree with that vision, 
as they have said some days ago.

He takes the technical aspect of the free software, reject all ethical
aspect, call it OpenSource, claim he is The One of OpenSource, 
and try to make money with that.

So, i think we have to take care and be clear about all of it now
(TCPA is now implemented in all new computers).
Microsoft is actually worst, i agree, but i'm afraid to be backstabbed by 
someone cleverer which is embarrassed by our ethical views. 
I don't know if i prefer a capitalist opensource rather than micro$oft.

I'm perhaps a bit paranoïd, but if you don't know the TCPA/PAlladium
project, have a look at it !

I don't want to hang eric raymond,
I want a GNU/Hurd revolution !  :)


         ... dans dix ans, "sarkozy" sera le nom d'un syndrôme ...         

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