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eric raymond

In an answer to a mail on this mailiing list, (i want to be a hacker :) )
someone said that he must read a book from *eric raymond*.

I find it strange :

i thought that "debian-hurd" was a GNU - / free software - list.

Eric raymond is close to the nra (national rifle association), is
politically a capitalist libertarian, and fight for open source, against
free software. He is against the use of the "free" word, and want to
transform linux into a capitalist-tool for a high market performance.

For me, he does not have anything to do with the GNU movement.

Am I wrong ?

I'm sorry for my *bad* english, but i find this question quite
specially at this time, when linus torvald say "ok" to the tcpa/palladium
so try to understand what i mean, please :)


         ... dans dix ans, "sarkozy" sera le nom d'un syndrôme ...         

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